Hurricane H+M

It’ still January, and H&M is trying to make up for the bad press that has occurred already this year. I think we can all say that 2010 just isn’t the year for the Swedish international retail company, at least the first month isn’t.

The storm first brew January 6th when The New York Times broke the story of H&M stores damaging and throwing out perfectly wearable merchandise. This caused a social media outrage, and of course H&M was in the top ten twitter trend worldwide. A spokesperson claims that the company will never destroy clothing again.  They have clearly learned their lesson.

Then the real hurricane came, the devastation in Haiti, it prompted H&M to make a very public $100,000 donation. I would like to think they did this out of the kindness of their heart… One other initiative they gave to the relief efforts in Haiti was by matching their customers donation. Touche, H&M.  It seems you have won back the hearts of your consumers and avid followers, but then…

If you are an H&M customer like myself, you have noticed their organic selection. Although marked higher price wise,  its because “eco-friendly.” Not the case, its called Organic Cotton Fraud. H&M had no idea, along with other clothing stores. The organic cotton was contaminated with genetically modified material. -Keeping track? Thats strike 2!

Strike 3, H&M settles a lawsuit, guilty of selling products that contained lead, above the legal limit. They have settled for $35,000 along with retailer NY&Company who were also charged. A spokes woman for H&M responded to WWD.com saying “We entered into this agreement to be responsible,” H&M spokeswoman Nicole Christie. The claims only covers merchandise sold in the US. This will not affect the company in long-run.

Although H&M has been through a load of bad press and awful feedback from consumers on social media, they have managed to revamp their website. In the past H&M  would only place selected items online, now they feature their entire line! I think this is a great improvement for H&M, I couldn’t get enough of looking the new collection. Kuddos to them. Lets hope its only good news from now on.


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