Is PR Becoming Too Overexposed?

Kelly Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone the fashion PR powerhouse and owner of People’s Revolution is taking her private life public. Cutrone is premiering her reality show on BravoTV February 1st.

I must confess,  saw first heard of Kelly Cutrone on reality TV. She was on MTV’s “True Life: I’m Going to Fashion Week.” She had me at hello… I was amazed of her confidence and inspired of her power. Then came The Hills and The City, which I solely watched to get a glimpse in the life of the PR mastermind.

I’ve discovered that as much as I want to see more of the industry I am aspiring to be in, the more I don’t want to.

I will most definetly watch her show, I just dont think she should put this business on display. As for Kelly’s field in PR, fashion shows, campaigns and launches are extremely hectic. Im sure were not going to be seeing the happier side of her on display.

Her book titled “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.”  Pretty much explains her no bull mentality. Don’t get me wrong I’m looking forward to reading it, but also prepared to cringe.

What do you think of Kelly Cutrone putting the fashion PR business on display?


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